AGILIFENCE – Perimeter Intrusion Detection System







Perimeter Intrusion
Detection System





Designed to provide a first line of security detection to protect critical sites and critical infrastructure.






Fence-Mount PIDS

AgilFence Perimeter Intrusion Detection System by ST Engineering Electronics is a solution designed and developed in Singapore for fence security, offering highly accurate and reliable detection while maintaining low false alarm rates in actual environment.






How it works




These extremely sensitive fibre sensors are able to sense the slightest disturbances to the physical perimeter while maintaining low false alarm rates in various scenarios. These sensors have unique characteristics under normal conditions, where each reflects a specific pattern back to the system. Any type of intrusion will affect the steady state and change the pattern that is being reflected back to the system, which will translate into an intrusion alert.

Discrete Fibre Sensor







Operational Concept




An intruder attempts to breach the perimeter by cutting or scaling the fence. When the fence panel is disturbed, an alert will be triggered to the operations centre.


The nearest strategically placed CCTV on the perimeter is automatically activated to verify the intrusion with pinpoint accuracy.



The security response team is quickly activated and dispatched to the precise intrusion locations.



The intruder is apprehended before any damage is done. The entire process is monitored by the operations centre.






Performance Specifications








Probability of Detection? 95%








Detection Accuracy – 5 m








Maximum length per channel – 200 m








False Alarm Rate (Average)? 3 per day per kilometre in real environment








Resilient to Defeat:
Detects tampering and immune to cuts. The cable is able to sustain multiple cuts while maintaining operation










Technical Specifications











Fibre optic cable embedded with discrete fibre sensors






Power Consumption:


Sensing Unit: 45 W typical (4-channel, 8-channel, 16-channel)


Signal Processing Unit: 460 W


No power needed outdoor






Environmental Specs:


UV-resistant and armour-protected sensor cable


UV-resistant cable tie


Sensing Unit & Signal Processing Unit operate in air-conditioned room






Product Life:


10 years


A comprehensive warranty program and extension option available








Integration with new/existing VMS Systems.
























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Francistown, Maun, Tsabong, Ghanzi, Palapye, Serowe, Kasane

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